Marianne Leruez-Ville

Marianne Leruez-Ville is a MD specialized in Clinical Virology and holds a PHD in Virology. She is a consultant in clinical Virology and at the head of the Microbiology laboratory of Necker-Hospital for sick children in Paris, France. She is the director of the congenital CMV laboratory within the French National Reference Center for Herpes Viruses and she belongs to a research group focusing on fetal abnormalities and their treatment (EA 7328, Imagine Institute, University Paris Cité). Her main research interest is clinical virology in relation to congenital CMV infection and she has made significant contributions in the study on the pre and postnatal diagnosis, management and treatment of this infection. She is a founder member and actual treasurer of the “European Congenital CMV Initiative (ECCI)”, European association founded to promote excellence in the management of congenital CMV infection.